Su Wu Herbs is owned
and operated by
Justin Penoyer M.S., L.Ac.

Mountain Rose Herbs


Welcome to Su Wu Herbs®, San Diego's local granule pharmacy and compounding service. We offer practitioners a reliable, high quality prescription compounding service both locally and nation-wide.

Su Wu Herbs features superior-quality Legendary Herbs® brand granules, directly from Tianjiang Pharmaceuticals, the world’s largest supplier of pharmaceutical-grade granules.

Why Choose Su Wu Herbs?
Save time and money while supporting your local community. We operate a quality compounding service while giving practitioners the individual attention and simplicity of working with a small business. Su Wu Herbs provides:

  • Diverse, high-quality inventory
  • Cross-contaminant free mixing process
  • Fast, affordable flat-rate shipping
  • Flexible local pickup
  • Convenient billing options
  • Personal customer service
  • Environmentally friendly materials

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